Specialty Education Credentialing
Fast-Track Professional Lifelines

LLU offer various professional, medical, and faith-based Fast-Track, non-credit educational programs that require not less than .15 CEUs=1.5hrs and not more than 12 credits, .60 CEUs=6.0hrs.

Our F.T. CEU Certificates are specialized credit programs that train students in a specific field. Some Certificates can be considered for Dean pre-approved prerequisite studies to be applied toward a Certificate or an Associate degree requirements; or specialty training which can result in a "Workforce-Ready" Certificate.

The LLU Fast-Track Professional Lifelines Specialty Studies are designed for quick entry into the Workforce.

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Types Of Fast-Track Certifications

Education Program Director
24 Hr.  TBA-Orientation

Specialty Education provides you with extensions of services for adult education to professionals and/or faith-based leadership who will have confidence in an organization's education or training program based on the Accreditation type. As an LLU Accredited Specialty Education Instructor Provider, we offer Workforce qualified training that is acceptable to meet international Standards for Continuing Education and Training. The CARB [Credits Criteria Accountability Review Board approved the program's policies and procedures for qualified CEUs that assures employers, credentialing associations, licensing bodies, and others that a learner has completed a quality training program that meets the national standard for continuing education and training.

Individuals can apply for LLU Specialty Education Accreditation on behalf of their organization or for a specialty service department within a secular organization or faith-based ministry. Orientation is required for Credentialing types of Standards Competency. 

Pre-Deliverance Counseling (DOs & DON'Ts) & Deliverance Altar Intercessory Prayer Teams Practicums
24 hr. TBA-Orientation

Demons ARE NOT a myth as some Believers think. If we keep it real, most Believers KNOW next to NOTHING about demons and/or the wiles of the devil. Some Believers often choose to disregard the fact that the devil even exists!

This Pre-Deliverance study and practicums will equip Deliverance Ministers or Altar Deliverance Intercessory Prayer Teams with counseling assessments for various levels of demonology and mental health crisis. 

End Times spiritual warfare intercession must be done at the strategic level against principalities and chief demons of darkness.

Every family and city has an assigned prince of darkness that is exalting itself against the knowledge of God. It is time for the church to advance together as one against its position with apostolic authority and "Holy fire" demonstration power!”

Here’s what people are saying about the courses

Specialty Education provides extensions of services for adult education to professionals and/or faith-based leadership who will have confidence in an organization's education or training program based on the Accreditation type. 

Practical Training

The Biblical counseling training that I received from Dr. Murphy spiritually renewed my life.

The training was practical and hand on. I see the world and my ministry through my eyes.

Dr., Pastor Donny O’Bryant, Th.D., M.DIV., MS, MBA

Wealth of Knowledge

Whenever I think of ELST, I think, of” superb enlightenment” This Academy equips its students with in-depth knowledge that prepares them to be effective Christian Counselors. The knowledge I gained has greatly improved my ministry.

Dr. Cathy W. Comer

Impactful Training

The Counseling training, I received during my tenure at Elect Lady and Sons School of Ministry and Mentoring has impacted and continues to impact my life and ministry greatly. Thank you so much for your love; the love you have for what you do for the Kingdom and others, and your assistance, concern, and support!

Evangelist Jessie Jean

Path Correction

Dr. Murphy's training impacted my life greatly. It helped me to work through my own life challenges. This and in turn pointed me on the correct path to mental health. I now identify and walk others to their true self-growth.

Pastor Bonnie Auston-Whitley