Value of Honorary Degrees & Faith Education


As we all know, Diploma or Degree mills are increasing internationally and through many deceptive ways. Some Degrees AND Professional Certifications mills are blatantly offered online to sell a Degree or Certification and even a transcript from a legitimate school. Through these short informational sessions, details will be shared to help recognize the value of "earned" learning verse "experienced" learning, the importance of educational standards and how some are treating degrees or certifications only as a commodity to be bought and sold.We will also discuss how critical it is for us to learn more about accreditation to have a deeper understanding of the accreditation process in the United States as well as where to find the listing of all recognized accreditors when choosing faith-based or secular higher education.

Who are our target students for these Sessions?

Honorary Doctorate (specialized expert field recipients), Certified/Licensed Professionals, or PhD (earned doctoral from various disciplines).

Are there any study sessions requirements or prerequisites?

Honorary Doctorate (specialized expert field recipients), Certified/Lisensed Professionals, or PhD (earned doctoral from various disciplines), Faith-based School or Seminary Deans, Chancellors, Educational Directors, Professors, Five-fold Leadership, Private Christian School Teachers or Secular Institutions.

What will students learn?

  • Understand the primary reason to be concerned about Degree mills.
  • Can a student “earn” a Degree in much less time from a Faith-based School or Seminary rather than a legitimate secular Institution and the Faith-based School not be considered a Degree mill?
  • What does it mean for a School to be Accreditated?
  • Who Oversees Candidates for Faith-based Schools or Secular Institutions Accreditation?
  • The different educational institutions and other kinds of institutions that require specific types of accreditation status.
  • Does a Faith-based School or Seminary need to be Accreditated for education received to be considered of value or accepted in secular workplaces?
  • Is it required by the State that a School or Seminary be accredited by an Accrediting Organization to offer Faith-based Studies?
  • Who should qualify for an Honorary Doctorate?

What is the Informational Sessions Fee?

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